Minis - 4 per pack in silver tin .3g Prerolls 1.0g


The aroma of Candy Kush is subtle, sweet, and sugary, and much more reminiscent of the Blue Dream strain than that of OG Kush in it’s genetics. Kunduz (or Afghani) is a landrace Indica from Afghanistan. Patient’s report that the combination of these two Indica’s is deeply relaxing but also a good measure of headiness, in part from it’s Blue Dream lineage. Other reported effects are increased appetite and stress relief.


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Candy Kush x Kunduz Pre-Rolls 1.0g (4 per pack) (Min Order 50)

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    • Type: Indica Hybrid Indica
    • Genetics: Blue Dream & OG Kush x Afghani Kush
    • Total Cannabinoids: 19.8mg

    • THCA: 17.1%


    • CBGA: 1.3%

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