Distillate Old school style Hash that is meant to be mixed with flower or smoked in abowl. A mixture of keif, distillate and terpenes for a highly flavorful product. Hash is made by combining THC distillate, kief, and terpenes (Sour Diesel to be exact) and compressing these components together. The result is a material that feels similar to a traditional hash (like a chewy cookie: soft and airy). Headband terpenes give a creamy flavor with notes of lemon and diesel. This product is made to be smoked with flower, like adding a supercharge to a bowl or pre-roll, etc. It is not recommended to dab this product.


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Fitchburg's Finest Terp Hash (Min Order 25 Units)

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  • Hash.


    • Type: Sativa Sativa
    • Genetics: Citrique & Lemon Meringue
    • TAC: 67.7%
    • THCA: 32.1%        
    • THC: 32.8%         
    • CBC: 0.7%   
    • CBGA: 0.5%  
    • CBN: 0.5%

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