1:1 CBD - THC Salve 500mg Rev Clinics first 1:1 Cannabis Salve combines Shea Butter and Lavender Oil with Cannabis derived essential oils (terpenes) to give a soothing effect. Linalool (also found in Lavender) is known for it’s relaxing effect and patients report that Nerolidol can be pleasantly sedating. Combine all of that with Rev Clinics THC distillate and you’ve got a perfect topical for a variety of therapeutic uses. 1.8oz of salve in 2 oz tin.


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Lavender Shea Butter (2oz metal round tin (Min Order 50)

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  • Topical


    • Type: Indica
    • TAC: 504.44mg

    • THC: 228.95mg      
    • CBD: 270.9mg
    • CBN: 4.04mg

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