MXR is our new high-end tincture line, exclusive to Rev Clinics! Our first MXR tincture is Propel – which is a high energy THC formulation. Propel’s ingredient trifecta for uplifting effects includes: Lemon and basil essential oils, Limonene (citrus terpene also found in fruit peels) and Super Lemon Haze terpene profile (high in humulene, b-caryophyllene, limonene). 10mg THC per dropper


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PROPEL 300mg THC (Min Order 25)

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  • Tincture


    • Type: Sativa
    • TAC: 540mg
    • THC: 540mg       
    • CBC: 9.18mg  
    • CBN: 7.056mg

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